Best crockpot meatballs


Meat is one of the foodstuffs known to me in many homes, as one family makes different dishes of meat. Today’s recipe is distinguished by that it does not need fresh meat, as frozen meat you can use in this recipe as it is a meal that has many health benefits for the body because it is a good source For protein needed to build cell tissue. And it contains wonderful additives that provide a complete meal and is also a good source of iron needed to form red blood cells and vitamin B necessary to regulate blood circulation and reduce nervous disorders. We leave you now with the recipe


* Ingredients :


° 2 kilos of red meat.

° 1/2 tablespoon of salt.

° 1/2 teaspoon white pepper.

° 1,1 / 3 large spoon ketchup.

° 2 large spoon of turnsole oil.

° 1,1 / 2 tablespoons of nutmeg.

° 1 piece of ginger root, peeled to prepare for chopping.

° 1/3 cup finely divided coriander.

° 4 chopped white onions.


* Steps:


In a large mixing bowl combine the red meat, salt, coriander, white pepper, chutney, sunflower oil, nutmeg, ginger root and white onion (before that, chop the onion and coriander in a blender to save time) and then mix all the ingredients together By hand, until it is mixed well, so that the meat is well milled and stirred well also when adding spices and not just sprinkling the spices must be mixed well with the meat. Put the baking sheets on the large tray, and start forming the minced meat in the form of medium-sized balls. And place the pieces in order next to each other in the tray, you will find that you have about 43 pieces.