Fried Potatoes & Onions - Peppers with Smoked Sausage


Is the cold coming? Do not panic ! This tasty pan-fried dish will heat up the most cautious. Perfect for fall, this recipe made with potatoes and smoked sausages will comfort you

* Ingredients:

° 1 onion
° 1 shallot
° 2 cloves of garlic
° 2 tablespoons of olive oil
° Provence herbs
° 400 g smoked sausage
° 8 large potatoes
° 8 cl of water
* Preparation:

1 - Mince the onion and shallot. Finely chop the two garlic cloves. Cut the sausage into small slices.

2- Brown everything in a sauté pan with two tablespoons of olive oil. Salt (not too much, the sausage is smoked), pepper and sprinkle with Provence herbs. Reserve.

3.- Cutting peeled & cleaned potatoes to cubes . Brown them in the deep fryer for a few minutes until they are just golden brown.

4 - Mix them with the previous preparation and simmer 15 min with half a glass of water .