Slice Potatoes and Put Them in a Muffin Pan


For this particular recipe, you will need the following ingredients


* Ingredients :


° 3 small spoon butter

° 2 small spoon Parmesan cheese

° 1 small spoon garlic powder

° 1 small spoon thyme leaves

° salt

° peppeer

° 8-9 gold potatoes, cut into 1/15 inch slices


* Preparation :


Firstly, preheat oven at 350°F. And, melt butter and employ it to butter  muffin tin .

Nextly, cut  gold potatoes to thin tranches . When finished, put them in a large blending bowl. And, add dissolved butter, Parmesan cheese, also spices . Cast  blending  potatoes are coated equally.

Layer potatoes to stacks and put them to every single muffin cup in  muffin tin. Spread salt also pepper on top.

Put  muffin tin in  oven and baking for 54-59 min .

Time done, assume them out of oven and permit them cooled about 6 min . Decorate  accomplished potato pile with parmesan cheese, thyme